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Drain Bamage

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January 24th, 2014

10:36 pm - Missed an ENTIRE YEAR here
Just sayin,

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April 9th, 2012

11:19 am - CopperCon 2012
My lovely and talented wife harmonyheifer and I will be Music and Fan Guests of Honor at CopperCon in Phoenix this year!

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February 4th, 2012

03:39 pm - Jewelry, Magical, Disposal Of
I think we're gonna join the rest of Merrica and spend a few hours eating pizza in front of the telly and watching two teams of armored folks battle over yards of territory. Then the prologue to Lord of the Rings will be over, and we'll be back in the Shire for a while - the pre-restoration Shire, mind you - none of this new-fangled olde-time touristy construction [footnote 1].

By which I mean The Fellowship of the Ring. If a team I remotely cared about were in the Super Bowl, or if they were playing, say, outdoors in a blizzard the way Merrican football is meant to be played, then I might look in for a couple minutes on that other spectacle, whose very name I shall not utter here, as it is a Registered Trademark and I am not an Official Licensee.


In other news, Mr Imahara of the Mythbusters reports that having four medical staples in his forehead [footnote 2] will not set off metal detectors. To which I reply, "Indeed, but which metal detector will it not set off?"


Ye Footnotes:

[spoilers, dear]

Footnote 1: The Hobbit of course takes place partially in one of Nuevo Zeeland's prime tourist attractions - a beautiful sheep farm outside Matamata. Lord o' the Rings also shot its Hobbiton scenes there, but then struck the sets. People took tours of the beautiful sheep-farm anyway: indeed I would have done so myself four years ago, had things gone a bit differently.
So anyway:
When Mr Jackson and crew went back to rebuild the sets for the Hobbit, this time they built them permanently and will not strike the sets. Which means, I suppose, that tickets for the Hobbiton tour will cost more in the future.

Footnote 2: It seems that Buster the crash-test dummy smacked Grant upside the head earlier this week. So where the heck was Tory Bellici slacking off to? Is it not his function to take one for the team? And have the Mythbusters inadvertently caused the Robot Uprising we've all feared these several years now?

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January 22nd, 2012

06:32 pm - SCA! Yay SCA!
Went to one of my favorite SCA events, which this year was combined with one of my favorite archery events. War Practice in Granite Mountain - that is Prescott - combined with one of my favorite silly tournaments, the Gauntlet Shoot, which I am assured I didn't win. But I could have won it.

The way the Gauntlet Shoot works is thus:
They use non-standard targets, illustrating various gauntlet-related items: this year there was a gauntlet holding a sword, six gauntlets on one target (and you could only score once per gauntlet), a Very Large gauntlet at about 40 yards or so, and a couple others. Just for variety's sake we were shooting downhill.

The winner of the traveling gauntlet (and the person running the next year's Gauntlet Shoot) is decided as follows: One participant from each local group is selected at random to represent the group. Then the highest scorer from among those selected wins the tournament. So my chances were still low, but non-zero that I could have won, despite having the lowest score of anyone from Sun Dragon.

Also I got my archery authorization renewed.
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06:31 pm - I still have a a Dreamwidth account
...and will probably be using this more in the future.

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February 3rd, 2011

08:58 am - Lie to me
I would like all my friends here to comment on this post stating how you met me. But I want you to LIE. That's right. Just make it up. After you comment, feel free to copy this to your journal so others can do the same.

(I'm also playing over on Facebook. Double the fun!)

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January 1st, 2011

07:21 pm - Monkeyservants! Monkeyservants!

I'm a week ahead on MonkeyServants! Go read some now, then more on Monday, Wednesday and Friday!
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December 23rd, 2010

08:35 am - Hi!
I have added a Dreamwidth account.

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08:07 am - Monkey Servants!
As some of you know, I've been drawing a comic strip off and on for about a year and a half. Mostly "off", 'cause, y'know, life.

Recently it's back on, and now updating most Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, it's MonkeyServants! the story of three cats and the great apes who serve them.

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December 10th, 2010

03:59 pm - We has cartoonses, preciousss
Despite illness and day job and holiday stuff, MonkeyServants somehow remains on schedule.

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