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Drain Bamage

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December 5th, 2010

04:04 pm - Holiday Burned-Out Cheer!!! Wheee!!!
Pre-lit Christmas trees: quick to put up and take down; CREEPING AGONY to debug the lights. Gave up on debugging a bulb at a time and decided to just re-light the dark parts. Much faster than driving all over town looking for the correct 2.5 volt bulbs. It's December 5 and the two places I've been to so far today are SOLD OUT of replacement bulbs.

Replaced the ones that aren't working with a functionally identical set, and also picked up a spare set. Will pick up -another- spare set on payday if there are any left on the store. Odds are the majority of the bulbs on the tree are good,... but there's only 20 days to Christmas, and less than two weeks to Yule, ya know what I mean?

Also bought an LED set. It doesn't match the tree, (one day there will be LEDs that look like incandescents) so I think it will go in the entryway. Now to get cable ties for the reindeer.

One day I'll laugh at this and get a week or two of Monkey Servants out of the deal.  Today is not that day; am already on a different storyline: the origin of the term MonkeyServants! I'd like to be working on the 2011 holiday storyline in, say, July, but right now I'm barely keeping to a 3 a week schedule.  Growing pains.

Current Mood: productive

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December 2nd, 2010

10:26 pm - New MonkeyServants!
I've posted a new toon - it'll be up after midnight!


MonkeyServants: Same As The Old Job

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November 25th, 2010

01:39 am - Exploring the delicate cat/mad-genius duality
New MonkeyServants cartoon is up!

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November 9th, 2010

08:42 pm - Long Long Long Long Long Time No Post
It's been too long since I posted here.


Still walking and talking and working. Drew a cartoon the other day and posted it tonight; first 'toon in ages.

Health: Sinuses doing their usual stunts. Drugs good.

Movies: RED is a hoot!

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October 6th, 2010

08:27 pm - Neither dead nor undead
Just been busy with work and hunkering down from the heat.
Took a few days off and went to Los Angeles, and our 5th anniversary comes up in a week.

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June 30th, 2010

06:59 am - Return of the Bees
(insert Hitchcock soundtrack)

Another swarm of bees stopped by last night. Instead of hanging out in a tree, these alit on the house. Half an hour ago (6:15 AM), they were still there. We have called the bee-removal guys.

We kept the cats in last night, since the bees were on the roof and Hermione is willing and (presumably*) able to get up there.

So, a night of annoyed kitties, confused greyhound, and sleep-deprived humans. The only satisfied creature here overnight was the queen bee, what with all of the drones fanning her to sleep.

(* I say "presumably" because we had the yard guy out on Monday, and much tree-pruning was done. So Hermione actually might not be able to get on the roof any more. Time will tell.)


The Queen (bee) is dead, long live the....

...wait a minute...

Current Location: House of Bees

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June 14th, 2010

10:17 am - Childhood's End
I just threw out the first two records I ever bought.

Along with most of a box of records; I salvaged 4 or 5 albums, but not their covers. Covered in mold, as were the majority of the records. The box had been sitting in the storage room by in back. Our water heater was also in that room and it croaked sometime in the past week. Neither of us noticed until today when there was no hot water. The guy is installing the new water heater now, and the house didn't burn down as a result of the old water heater shorting out, AND we can actually afford to pay cash at the moment, so we're in good shape.

And the records? It'll be fun hunting them down and replacing them. The first two records I ever bought have long since been upgraded to CDs - indeed one of them was the first CD I ever bought.
Current Mood: Meh

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June 2nd, 2010

08:38 pm - An encounter with our little alien friends
As I pulled into the driveway from work this evening, I was accompanied by a traveling swarm of BEES. Bees bees BEEES!

I usually pull into the driveway, park, go grab the mail, then swing back by the car and grab the Backpack of Doom and carry it all into the house. Today, I got the mail and heard a buzzing sound. I thought the air conditioner was making noise, but then I SAW the BEES bees BEES bees BEES and jumped back into the car, where I called Chris and told her to take roll and keep the cats in.

About ten minutes later the bees all settled on one of the trees in the front yard, and I was able to come in. We looked up "bee swarm" and discovered these bees are likely a traveling swarm. If they move along, fine. If not, we'll have the bee guy out tomorrow, because our yard is a big old bee cafeteria. Lots of flowers.

We then proceeded to the Irish pub for dinner. We got back just before full dark, so it's too dark to see if the swarm has moved along. I'll do that in the morning; hopefully the bees have moved along.

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May 29th, 2010

04:45 pm - Reading the weekend away
Turns out there's an electronic version of the advanced reading copy of Mission of Honor, so I snagged it the other day and that's my Memorial Day R and R. I just took a break because a couple characters just worked out why all of the spoilers are happening - well before I did. I went "Ah, so!" and wheels are spinning in my head while I savor the possibilities. Boy I like the Honorverse!

Yesterday I went to get Chris something new to read while I read my new book - so we now have Laurie R. King's newest Holmes/Russell book God of the Hive and a paper copy or Mira Grant's Feed. However, in recent week Chris has tuned into Netflix's online service and is working her way through Torchwood season two, so I may get to GotH (great acronym that) first. Or I might read the Jim Butcher novel B&N was giving away to nook owners this week.

And who knows, by Monday I may feel like writing some code again. Stranger things have happened.
Current Mood: mellowmellow

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April 18th, 2010

...well actually I'm at home this weekend, on call in case I had to Leap Into Action and assist with the Major Activity at the Employer. Which I haven't needed to do thanks to good planning and lots and lots of practice runs. So my involvement this weekend is limited to resting up so I can cover for folks who actually pulled all-nighters.

Installed a keyless entry on my car, which was, it turned out, cheaper than getting the busted lock cylinder replaced.

Watching the coverage of the volcano eruption. Have watched all available coverage including Dr Who (great shots of the TARDIS flying through the ash cloud) and Saturday Night Live. Still don't understand a word of Icelandic.

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