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Drain Bamage

naM ecnassianeR

Patrick Connors
26 December 1960
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Emerging from the ruins of a sacked Viking village, PATRICK CONNORS (KB7MBT, not that he ever turns the radios on) has spent much of the last 1023 years learning things. He has not, however, learned how to escape Phoenix in the summer.

An accomplished songwriter but so-so singer, Patrick is considering recording his own damn CD when he gets the time and finds some actual singers. To lend plausibility to the "out of time" excuse, he spends most of his days wrestling Oracle databases into submission (often, for unfathomable reasons, the hard way). Despite being certifiable, but not actually certified, he has convinced major corporations to pay him not enough money to do this. He's also learning to program Apple computers, just because.

Occasionally he forays into acting. Sometimes he sticks around a while: in ten seasons at the Arizona Renaissance Festival, he originated the role of Paul Chatworthy the shy town crier, sang with the three-piece musical group Tuppence, and learned the mandolin because "it looked easy". Little did he know. He's also appeared with a couple of local theater companies and auditioned with several more.

Patrick has dabbled at Running Things: he's a past board member of the Arizona Oracle Users Group, the Central Arizona Speculative Fiction Society, and Leprecon, Inc. Much to his surprise and horror, he chaired several Phoenix Westercon bids. However, he escaped from the Westercon grind without requiring the use of (much) crime scene tape, and now confines Running Things to notifying the Arizona filk community when and where they might gather safely.

He is a certified kayak instructor, nearly-certified scuba diver, and former search-and-rescue nerd. He used to fly airplanes and balloons, but stopped before going completely broke. Nowadays, he spends Sunday mornings harassing innocent targets at the local archery range. Being devoted to doing things the hard way (see Oracle experience above), he's focusing on SCA archery, which occasionally involves moving targets who shoot back. Great fun.

In his few remaining spare milliseconds, he creates 3D animations (using Lightwave) and plots romance novels. Really.

He is married to Chris Dickenson, one of the musical Duras Sisters (and now a Harmony Heifer). Mexico hasn't been the same since their honeymoon there. If he can find his passport he's taking her to New Zealand in a few months.